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Firenze Tramway, Italy

Adding two new tram lines to an existing one with a total length of 19.5 km and operating the entire network


The Project comprises the design, construction, financing, maintenance and operation of the Florence tram system (lines 1, 2 and 3), of a total length of 19.5 km, served with a total of 46 vehicles.

Line 1 has been operational since 2010. Line 3 started operations in July 2018 and serves residential and commercial areas to the north of Florence, between the city centre and the Careggi Hospital (further extensions are planned). Line 2 started operations in February 2019 and connects the city centre with Florence’s Peretola Airport via 13 more stops, including those at the Administrative Offices of Tuscany, the City University and the Courthouse.

The Florence tramway network contributes to a significant reduction in car congestion and CO2/PM10 emissions, with consequential significant improvement in the city’s air quality, and has allowed for the pedestrianization of Florence’s world-famous city centre.


In Operation, completion date 31 January 2019


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Passengers in 2019


Cut in harmful emissions generated by traffic


quality of life for inhabitants while supporting tourism


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