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Felix Bulnes Hospital, Chile

A 123,000m2 hospital with 523 beds. Project scope consists of both the building and the medical equipment, information technology system, and furniture


The Project consists of the design, construction, finance, operation, and maintenance of the Félix Bulnes Hospital. The scope also includes the provision, maintenance and replacement of medical equipment, information technology systems and furniture. Operations include both basic services (e.g., hard/soft facilities maintenance, food services, laundry) and special obligatory services (e.g. acquisition and replacement of medical equipment, basic IT services), but exclude any medical and/or clinical-related services. This 123,000 m2 hospital serves a population of 1,200,000 in one of the most densely populated and poorest municipalities of Santiago and, given the high demand for healthcare services from the local community, its capacity was increased from 523 beds per its original design to 650 beds. Further, at the peak of covid-19 pandemic, the hospital was converted into a full covid facility and accommodated up to 750 patients.


The contracting authority is the Ministry of Public Works (“MOP”), and payments will be made by Ministry of Health (“MINSAL”). Commercial close occurred in June 2014, shortly after the publication date of the Project’s official award. The construction started in 2015. The project opened in April 2020.
In February 2017, Meridiam entered into a share purchase agreement, to purchase 49% percent of the share of the SPV, Sociedad Concesionaria Metropolitana de Salud, S.A.


The company has implemented different measures to meet environmental standards (waste generation, pollution, noise, etc.) as required. Presentations of the project to representatives of the local community have also been organized prior to the opening in coordination with the Ministry for Health, and raised great enthusiasm among participants, as the project is seen as transformational for this very poor area of Santiago.



In Operation, completion date: 17 April 2020


Discover the project and learn more about it from the press release!


Beds, 16 Surgical halls


square meters




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