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EV charging Asset co – MEGA-E (Metropolitan Greater Areas Electrified)

An Allego initiative with the aim to deploy up to 322 ultra-fast charging stations for electric vehicles by 2021 in Western Europe


The MEGA-E (Metropolitan Greater Areas Electrified) project is an Allego initiative aiming at deploying up to 322 ultra-fast charging stations (sites) for electric vehicles across the EU. In April 2018, MEGAE was awarded a €29m Connecting Europe Facility subsidy by the European Commission. This project, which is being developed under a project finance scheme, represents total Capex of up to €220m.
The development of a reliable large-scale High-Power Charging (HPC) network is a critical component to enable the mass adoption of EVs in Europe(1). There are now more than 40 EV car models and over 100 models are scheduled to be available from 2022. Much more charging infrastructure will be needed to keep pace with the growing e-mobility market.

The assets are owned by dedicated Asset Companies serviced by Allego acting as EPC contractor and long-term operator for MEGA-E.



(1) IEA (International Energy Agency) Global EV Outlook 2021



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by the European Commission


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