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Electronic devices refurbishing with CertiDeal

CertiDeal is one of the leading platforms in Europe for the refurbishment of electronic devices, in particular smartphones. The company sold more than 100.000 reconditioned phones online in 2021. With the support of Meridiam’s Green Impact Growth Fund, CertiDeal will accelerate its expansion across Europe.


100.000 refurbished phones sold in 2021;

-45kg CO2 on average per device


The project aims at contributing to the United Nation Sustainable Goals, more particularly:


Electronic devices are the source of major use of natural resources, that is growing exponentially: every single phone produced requires on average 200kg of raw material and emits 52kg of CO2. The best way to reduce the environmental footprint of electronics is to develop circular economy schemes that allow to increase the duration of a device and reuse them as much as possible.


CertiDeal was created in order to generalize the use of refurbished smartphones by ensuring the trust in the good quality of the product and a strong customer-oriented service. Thanks to its integrated business model, relying on direct access to large market of second-hand devices, CertiDeal developed a high-quality, fully controlled and traceable process that allows the company to guarantee the devices over 24 months while keeping prices low, making connectivity more affordable and sustainable.


In 2021, CertiDeal sold more than 100.000 refurbished phones, along with other electronic devices on its website, each of those having -84% impact on the planet than newly produced devices, and prices up to 70% lower. CertiDeal sells its devices directly on its own website and refurbishes them all in Ile-de-France, maximising control over the value chain in order to guarantee homogeneous quality of the devices.


CertiDeal has a presence in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Sweden and sells devices to individuals and corporates.


Meridiam’s Green Impact Growth Fund lead a 15 million euros financing round for CertiDeal in order to accelerate the development of the company, in France and across Europe, expanding its positive impact to a fully new scale. CertiDeal should prevent the emission of more than 100.000 tons of CO2 during the next 4 years, and contribute to a sustainable economic growth. Meridiam, as an important shareholder of CertiDeal supports its expansion with the expertise of more than 300 professionals dedicated to impactful investment across the world, measuring results with our proprietary tool, Simpl.


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(1) based on an analysis by independent consulting firm

Image source https://certideal.com/ 


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