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D4 motorway


The Project involves the Design, Build, Finance, Operation and Maintenance of 5 new-build sections of the D4 between Háje and Mirotice totaling 32km, as well as the operation and maintenance of 4 existing sections between Skalka – Háje and between Mirotice – Krašo ice, with a total length of 15km.
Meridiam has developed the project in a 50/50 consortium with Vinci. The project is developed through a 28-year availability payment contract. Financial Close took place on April 29th, 2021. Construction, which is expected to last 4.5 years, started in Q2 2021 following the handover of the construction site by the grantor.
The Project, a pilot PPP project in the Czech Republic, aims to improve traffic connection between Prague and the southern regions of the country whilst enhancing the roadway safety and improving the overall user experience. This first PPP should pave the way for more PPP projects in the Czech Republic.



Under construction




with AADT of cc 12,000 vehicles

First road PPP

in Czech Republic


connection while enhancing safety


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