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Collaborative last mile delivery with Shopopop

Shopopop is the European leader (France, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Luxemburg, Spain and the Netherlands) in collaborative last mile delivery. In 2021, it has performed more than 1,4 million deliveries thanks to a growing community of shoppers using their daily commute to serve the delivery needs of their close neighbors.

By doing so the service allowed to save on average 900g of CO2 per delivery, compared with services using dedicated means and infrastructures. Thanks to its innovative business model, the company makes delivery services economically and environmentally viable to the benefit of local territories and communities.



1.4 million deliveries performed in 2021

~900g CO2 saved on average per delivery[1]

~1,26 k Tons CO2 saved in 2021

Basic & sustainable delivery services accessible to local communities at a minimum cost


The project aims at contributing to the United Nation Sustainable Goals, more particularly:


The demand for home delivery services has powered up across the globe over the last few years, but so has its CO2 footprint.

Shopopop’s digital platform brings together online customers who need to be delivered at home, stores (major food retailers, specialized retailers and local merchants), and individuals (the “shoppers”) who take advantage of their daily commute (school, shopping, work) to pick up their neighbors’ purchases at points of sale and deliver them. In exchange for this service, the “shoppers” receive a financial compensation as a contribution to their costs.

Thanks to its innovative collaborative model, Shopopop does not have to use dedicated infrastructures to perform its delivery services. Additionally, it contributes to reducing unequal access to deliveries between densely populated areas vs. rural or less dense areas.

This fast-growing company, with talented teams, has strong values such as social ties, local communities, and low carbon footprint thanks to the collaborative economy. It optimizes the mobility flows linked to the problem of last-mile delivery, while having a positive environmental impact.

Meridiam’s Green Impact Growth Fund lead a 20 million euros financing round for Shopopop to accelerate the development of the company, in France and across Europe, dramatically expanding its positive impact. Shopopop will constantly strengthen its model over the coming years. By rending delivery services more economically and ecologically viable, it will contribute to a sustainable economic growth. Meridiam, as an important shareholder of Shopopop, supports its expansion with the expertise of more than 300 professionals dedicated to impactful investment across the world, measuring results with our proprietary tool, Simpl.


> Learn more from the press release 



[1] Based on due dilligence analysis by Roland Berger


Image source https://www.shopopop.com/fr-fr/press  (media kit shopopop-drive-1-web.jpg @photo Emma Pellet )



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