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Can Misses Hospital (Ibiza)

Part of the portfolio of seven transport, social and water projects spread across Spain acquired by Meridiam from Acciona


Ibiza Hospital has a 21-year concession contract for the drafting of the project, construction and operation of the Hospital Can Misses de Ibiza (Gran Hospital Can Misses), in Balearic Islands. In addition, it includes the operation of non-clinical services for the Hospital Can Misses, which includes two other facilities Can Misses and Sant Josep Healthcare Centers.

Ibiza Hospital has 296 beds, distributed along a total build area of 62.539 sqm. The Grantor is the Servei de Salut des Illes Balears (IbSalut). The concession period is 32 years and 7 months from March 2010 to October 2042. Construction of the hospital was completed in 2013.

Some services are performed in house (laundry, restoration and cafeteria) while the others have been subcontracted to third party subcontractors. These relationships are typically back-to-back where subcontractors bear full risk in case of penalties from the Grantor.

Ibiza Hospital and Ibiza Opco are 35,20% owned by Infra Invest Iberia SA since the purchase of Acciona shares in the project in June 2021 for ~20m.


In operation, construction completed in 2013


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