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Barrage VNF, France

29 barrages de navigation automatisés sur l’Aisne et la Meuse qui contrôlent et régulent le débit et le niveau des eaux.



The Project involves the design, construction, operation and heavy maintenance of 29 new automated navigation dams and is justified by the necessity to replace the existing obsolete and dangerous to operate manual dams on the Aisne and Meuse rivers (North-East of France). The Project also includes the operation of two pre-existing dams which have been modernized and the operation of four microhydropower plants with a total capacity of 4.6 MW.

The new dams will prevent flooding, regulate the water flow and produce electricity. The users of the rivers (navigation, irrigation, industry, fish farms) and the population leaving on the banks (protection against flooding, water reserves) will benefit from this project.


In Operation, completion date 27 August 2020


Automated navigation dams


Hydropower potential


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