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Autoroute IH-635 (LBJ), USA

Amélioration de la mobilité au nord et à l’ouest de Dallas sur les autoroutes très congestionnées grâce à l’augmentation de la capacité, à l’ajout de voies gérées (à péage) et à l’entretien des voies à usage général sans frais existantes. En opération depuis 2015.


The Project consisted of the design, construction, and now operation and maintenance of the IH635 (LBJ) Managed Lanes Project in Dallas County, Texas. The 52-year project was tendered by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to develop 13 miles of tolled managed lanes to serve as
congestion relief for commuters.

The LBJ Managed Lanes Project rebuilt one of the busiest and most congested highways in North Texas, with an average daily traffic of over 250,000. The works were completed ahead of schedule and within the same footprint of the existing corridor in order to meet the goal “no higher, no wider” as insisted by the adjacent stakeholders and community.

In September 2017, DPFS sold its 6.6% interest to the other existing equity holders. Following this transaction, the project shareholding includes: Cintra (54.6%), LBJ Blocker (28.3%) and MI LBJ LLC (17.1%). Meridiam is managing an overall $319m in the Project including co-investors, and Meridiam has injected $89.3m of equity.


In Operation, completion date 25 September 2015


Of customers spend less than $20/month


Transactions in 2019


Of vehicles are NOT luxury brands


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