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Autoroute A5, Allemagne

Concession de 60 km d’autoroute, à proximité de la frontière française (réservée aux camions). En service depuis juillet 2014.



The Project comprises a concession for the operation, maintenance, expansion and financing of 60.3km of the A5 motorway, consisting of two sections: (i) bi-directional reconstruction and extension from four to six lanes of 41.5km between Baden-Baden and Offenburg; and (ii) operation and maintenance of 18.8km between Malsch and Baden-Baden. Over 70,000 vehicles use the A5 every day – many of them heavy goods vehicles (HGVs).

In 2009 Meridiam completed the transaction in conjunction with a consortium formed by Vinci Concessions SAS (transferred in 2015 to Vinci Concessions Deutschland) and Strabag. Operation of the existing lanes began that same year.


In Operation, completion date 16 July 2014


Tolled highway


Vehicles use the A5 every day


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