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Allego Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Platform, European Platform

Allego is the only independent Electric Vehicle charging solution provider, with a strong presence across Europe. It operates around 31,000 Charging Points across Europe


Allego is one of the leading European independent Electric Vehicle (EV) charging solutions providers (installation, O&M, etc.) with a strong presence across the continent. At the end of September 2021, it was operating 30,800 Charging Points (CPs).

Since Meridiam’s investment in 2018, Allego has been expanding throughout Europe from its strong Benelux base, and has secured a leading position in Germany, the UK, the Nordics and France. This was done though several major projects: Mega-E, support to LeasePlan “electrification”, fast charge installation in Shell gas stations, London concession, Toulouse public parking, etc. Allego is now of the largest operators in Europe of public chargers.

Through its infrastructure development expertise, Meridiam has strengthened Allego’s European position and its essential contribution to e-mobility across Europe.
EIB has been supporting Allego with €40m junior funds backed by the Juncker Plan.
As a reminder, Allego has advanced a process to be listed on the NYSE through a SPAC merger with Apollo Asset Management-backed Spartan III(1).


Major European countries intend to go for 100% zero-emission vehicles policies (Norway by 2025, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and United Kingdom by 2030, Denmark by 2035, France and Spain by 2040). (1*) This requires a robust charging infrastructure with reliable, smart, and efficient charge points to make e-mobility a full reality. (1*) Even when Electric Vehicles reach cost parity with internal combustion engine vehicles (predicted for large cars as soon as 2022), the lack of charging infrastructure could be a significant barrier to adoption of EV.(2)
Allego’s core activities are environmentally friendly as they support the takeoff of Electric Vehicles usage, the cleanest form of transportation (3) that will reduce the world’s dependency on fossil fuels and significantly improve the local environment with positive health consequences. In the quarter a recycling agreement was reached with a charge point manufacturer for old charging equipment.


Stage: In operation



(1) https://cdn.allego.eu/-/media/project/allegofrontoffice/allegoeu/investors/allego-announcement-pr.pdf 
(1*) EU Sustainability & Smart Mobility Strategy and action plan
(2) EU Court of Auditors Special Report 05/2021
(3) Department for Transport Statistics, Emissions from journeys across the United Kingdom, by mode, 2021


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