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Aéroport de Sofia

Meridiam et son partenaire Munich Airport, agissant en sa qualité d’opérateur aéroportuaire, viennent de remporter la concession de l’aéroport de Sofia. Le consortium investira plus de 600 millions d’euros pour le développement de l’aéroport de Sofia et le gérera sur 35 ans.



Sofia Airport (SOF) is the 6th largest international airport in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region, located 10km east of the center of the city of Sofia. The airport has scheduled services to 70 destinations in Europe and Middle East, delivered by 30 different airlines, and it serves as the main hub for the domestic Bulgarian carrier Air Bulgaria.

The project consists in the handover of the existing airport, including all the operation and maintenance services, and in the production of a long-term development strategy that will involve major design and construction activities during the 35-year contract.

A new terminal to the airport will be built within the first 10 years of the concession, replacing the old existing terminal and ensuring the operativity of the infrastructure together with the existing Terminal 2 and the runway built in 2006.

The project was awarded in June 2020 and the Concession Agreement was signed in July 2020 with the Bulgarian Ministry of Transport.


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