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Aéroport d’Amman, Jordanie

Aéroport international Reine-Alia – Concession pour les opérations du principal aéroport jordanien, y compris modernisation importante et expansion de la capacité.



Queen Alia International Airport is the principal airport for Jordan, serving nearly all international air traffic. The airport is a high-quality essential asset for the country, with close to 9 million passengers in 2019 (compared to 4 million in 2007).

In 2018, Meridiam and its partner Aéroports de Paris (ADP) (together with ASMA Capital) acquired 86% of the concessionaire Airport International Group (AIG). Meridiam and ADP (who had been an investor since inception) jointly developed an unsolicited offer to take control of the project on an off-market basis.

This investment also benefits from Meridiam’s strategic partnership with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

The concession, started in 2007, required AIG to refurbish, expand and operate the airport for 25 years. Construction was completed in November 2016. 12 years remain under the concession, albeit with a potential extension of 5 years with Grantor’s consent. Upgrades and capacity expansion works will continue over the coming years.


In Operation, completion date 19 May 2007


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