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A5 Ostregion Motorway, Austria (Vienna Ring Road)


The A5 Ostregion Project consists of the design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of four sections of a new motorway, totaling 51.5-km in length, to the northeast of Vienna. This asset improves connectivity between Austria and the Czech Republic and relieves local towns from traffic congestion, noise and pollution.
At closing, shareholders in the Project Company were Alpine Mayreder, Hochtief and Egis. Meridiam provided 50% of the mezzanine facility together with RREEF.
In 2013, Meridiam acquired 45% of the Project Company.
In 2018, Meridiam opportunistically acquired the shares and mezzanine rights held by RREEF and became the sole shareholder of the Project Company.


In Operation


ESG/SDG Key Facts

The Project Company is continuing its biodiversity action programme by creating dry and semi-arid meadows, fallow and succession areas, wildflower meadows, windbreak hedges combined with additional voluntary tree planting.
In Q4 2022, the Project Company finalised its “Handbook on Sustainable Business Practices”, as part of the new ISO certification, including various compulsory KPIs.
The Project Company has a dedicated ESG specialist that is responsible for developing and implementing identified ESG initiatives.


Improves connectivity

Between Austria and the Czech Republic

Relieve local towns from traffic

congestion, noise and air pollution

Highest possible rate

on safety and procedures from European program


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