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A4 Highway, Germany


Germany’s A4 Autobahn runs east-west through the heart of the country, connecting Frankfurt and other parts of western Germany, with Dresden and ultimately Poland to the east and the Czech Republic to the south. This is a vital principal artery of Germany’s road network, particularly for freight traffic. In 2007 a public private partnership project was launched to upgrade a critical 25km section of the A4 in the state of Thuringen, by building a new dual-three lane section of road to the east of the town of Eisenach, bypassing the congested Horselberge district.

A consortium consisting of Hochtief PPP Solutions and Vinci Concessions Deutschland on a 50:50 basis, reached financial close in 2007. The upgrade of the road was completed in 2010. In 2014, Meridiam reached an agreement to purchase all Hochtief PPP Solutions shares in the project. The sale became effective in March 2015.


In Operation, completion date: 1 September 2010


Section in Thüringen

150m+ Veh-km

Driven by HGV in 2019


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