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A2 Phase II, Poland


Following Meridiam’s 2008 investment in A2 Phase I (between Konin and Nowy Tomyśl), Meridiam participated in the second segment of the motorway (between Nowy Tomyśl and Świecko). This second phase covers the section of road connecting the A2 to the German border. The Project involves the construction of a new motorway from Nowy Tomyśl to Rzepin, the upgrade of a section of road to motorway standards and the installation of a closed toll system.
The key objectives of this Project were to provide a modern motorway link connecting Poland’s capital Warsaw and Berlin, together with towns and communities along the route, supporting national and local economic growth. The
A2 is also designated as the E30 as a part of the Trans-European Road Network (TERN).


In Operation


ESG/SDG Key Facts:

85% of the road runs through protected forest areas, crossing three Natura 2000 designated areas. Various measures to protect the environment have been undertaken:
• The Project Company partnered with environmental organisations from the very start, resulting in 25% of the initial budget being allocated to environmental protection. This figure was matched by an equivalent sum from the state budget
• €280 million was allocated to environmental protection facilities during the construction
• The two phases (Phase I and II) include 45 crossings for large and medium sized animals and 122 culverts for small animals providing a specific protection for herpetofauna (reptiles and amphibians)
• By the end of 2022, approximately 70% of gas stations along the A2 were equipped with EV chargers. Further deployment is still ongoing to reach 100% of stations by the end of 2025.


support local economic growth with

3,000+ jobs provided in the area

Modernization of the link

between Warsaw and Berlin

Key-part of the

Trans-European Network


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