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A2 Phase I, Poland


Meridiam is the main shareholder of Autostrada Wielkopolska S.A (AWSA), the concession company responsible for operating the A2, Phase 1 motorway in Poland. This 149-km stretch of motorway, between the cities of Nowy Tomysl and Konin, was built and opened between 2000 and 2005, initiated as part of a major long-term upgrade of the Polish motorway network.
The A2 motorway is a key transport corridor:
• Connecting the country’s capital Warsaw with Berlin
• Providing access to the city of Poznań (4th largest metropolitan area in Poland
in terms of population), located in the middle of the A2 Phase I
• The A2 is designated as the E30 in the TEN (Trans-European Road Network)


In Operation

ESG/SDG Key Facts

The Project Company has an ongoing road safety campaign, through slogans and messages at the toll booths, and barriers drawing drivers’ attention to the safety rules. AWSA is taking additional measures to further enhance safety on the road:
• Implementation of an average speed camera system on the Poznan Bypass scheduled in 2023
• Discussions with the Grantor are ongoing to add signs for keeping a safe distance between vehicles
Following the completion of the Poznań Bypass, a study was undertaken in December 2021 to understand any potential noise impacts. As a result, noise barrier related works were completed in Q4 2022.
The two phases under Meridiam ownership, (Phases I and II) include 45 crossings for large and medium sized animals and 122 culverts for small animals providing a specific protection for herpetofauna (reptiles and amphibians).
By the end of 2022, approximately 70% of gas stations along the A2 were equipped with EV chargers. Further deployment is still ongoing to reach 100% of  stations by the end of 2025.



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