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A-NET, Alberta, Canada


The Alberta Networks project is a build to own fiber to the premise (“FTTP”) network serving the suburban Edmonton region. The Project will ultimately serve 66,000 premises across the greater metropolitan area. The Project is separated into two phases, Southeast Phase and West Phase. The Southeast Phase will be built first and initially serve the cities of Beaumont, Sherwood Park, Vermilion and Hamlet of Nisku (collectively known as the “Authority” or “Southeast Phase Cities”).
The cities and towns are currently underserved by their existing ISPs, which have not invested in full community wide fiber deployment. A fiber network will be key to maintain their existing economic base and any future growth.
The Project was developed in conjunction with the local municipalities which has resulted in a combination of exclusive LOIs, publicly tendered RFPs won by Meridiam and its partner, Digital Infrastructure Group (“DIG”), a fiber network developer.


Stage: Development 


ESG/SDG Key Facts

The project underpins Beaumont’s Innovation Park, which will be a home for businesses to develop cutting-edge innovation and technology in areas such as transportation and logistics, public safety, data, education, and health and life sciences.
Confirmed plans include the development of a best-in-class commercial transportation, law enforcement, and technological innovation campus.
The Innovation Park will be a magnet for investment, creating jobs and driving economic growth for the community, the Edmonton Metropolitan Region, and Alberta.
A-Net will be key in the development of Beaumont Innovation Park.


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125 km core

Backbone fiber ring

Serves 66k



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