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A-66 Benavente – Zamora, Spain

Autoroute de 49 km qui complète la liaison entre le Nord de l’Espagne (Asturies) et le Sud de l’Espagne (Andalousie). En opération depuis 2015.


This 30-year PPP project, with the Ministerio de Fomento (Ministry of Development and Public Works), consists of the design, building, financing, operation and maintenance of a new 49-km highway between Benavente and Zamora, parallel to the existing N-630, a two-lane road that will be used by local traffic.

The new A66 from Benavente to Zamora is a crucial new link in the principal highway networks of Spain and Europe.

This meant road traffic could use an uninterrupted spinal corridor of modern dualtwo-lane carriageway from Asturias in the north, to Andalucia in the south. The upgrade of this vital arm of the Trans-European road network was completed in 2015.


In Operation, completion date 11 May 2015

49 km





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