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A66 Benavente – Zamora, Spain


This 30-year PPP project, with the Ministerio de Fomento (Ministry of Development and Public Works), consists of the design, building, financing, operation and maintenance of a new 49-km highway between Benavente and Zamora, parallel to the existing N-630, a two-lane road that will be used by local traffic.

The new A66 from Benavente to Zamora is a crucial new link in the principal highway networks of Spain and Europe.

This meant road traffic could use an uninterrupted spinal corridor of modern dualtwo-lane carriageway from Asturias in the north, to Andalucia in the south. The upgrade of this vital arm of the Trans-European road network was completed in 2015.


In Operation


ESG/SDG Key facts

The Project is crossing one protected Natura 2000 area. The contract requires the construction of wildlife passes every 6-km along the new highway to allow wildlife to cross safely. Some of the wolves close to the Project have been tagged allowing their movements to be monitored and the impact of the road on their behaviour to be studied. In 2015, the Project implemented certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. In 2016, the Project reached ISO 39001 and obtained the certification of “green energy” consumption in the maintenance depot. In 2021, the Project carried out the transition from OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001. The second follow-up audit for ISO 39001 (road traffic safety management) has also been carried out.
In July 2020, 86 photovoltaic modules of 350Wp were installed, representing an investment of €30,000, and translating into an annual average energy saving of approximately 38,000 kWh.
Works to improve the waste storage area at the maintenance facilities have been completed.
Three maintenance trucks have been renewed with more sustainable engines (Euro VI Step E), and patrolling vehicle routes have been optimized to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. In addition, two electric chargers have been installed in the maintenance center to facilitate charging two new hybrid light vehicles.

49 km


Final piece of a structural

highway network for Spain

7,000 vehicles



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