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11 janv. 2019

Meridiam enters the retail market by establishing a partnership with Allianz

Meridiam enters the retail market by establishing a partnership with Allianz. French retail investors will be able to finance infrastructure and energy transition.

This partnership will enable retail investors to mobilize and direct their savings towards long-term investments in unlisted infrastructure assets, which are essential for growth, economic development and energy transition, starting in 2019.  These assets would then be offered to Allianz's customers in the form of funds within life insurance contracts. 

This will be made possible by the new PACTE Law in France once in effect in the spring. Allianz France will thus be able to quickly offer this new type of fund to these policyholders.

For French investors, this initiative will be an opportunity to diversify their savings investments while meeting the challenges of financing major infrastructure projects, combating climate change and supporting growth. For example, Allianz and Meridiam have contributed to the financing of the extension of the Port of Calais as well as the installation of high-speed rail lines and the construction of hydraulic dams.

"With this partnership, the French retail investors will be able to invest their savings to meet the challenges of climate change, energy transition and growth. Our long-term investment approach has the virtue of benefiting not only the generations of today who use our infrastructure but also the generations of the future who will use it and finance others in turn. Savings is then at the service of intergenerational solidarity," says Thierry Déau, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Meridiam.

For more information: Read the press release

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