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9 mars 2018

Meridiam and Evergaz strengthen their partnership to invest in biogas in Europe

Meridiam will invest nearly €30 million to support Evergaz’s ambitious development policy and finance projects in France and Europe, via a joint Investment platform.
French and European biogas specialist, Evergaz, strengthens its capital and infrastructure platform with Meridiam Transition, a fund dedicated to the ecological transition in European infrastructures This transaction will enhance Evergaz’s development and investment capacity, as they intend to own and operate, in partnership with territorial stakeholders (farmers, public authorities, industrial companies, etc.), thirty biogas plants in Europe by 2020.
Meridiam will ultimately invest nearly €30 million to support Evergaz’s ambitious development policy and finance projects developed by Evergaz in France and Europe, via an investment firm jointly owned.
This partnership is consistent with the cooperation between Evergaz and Meridiam, initiated in Germany with the joint ownership of anaerobic digestion projects since February 2017.
Biogas is at the very heart of energy and ecological transition. As an organic waste treatment solution, biogas production by anaerobic digestion also produces renewable energy – electricity and heat, biomethane fed into gas networks, or bioNGV (fuel gas) – and a natural fertiliser with recognised agronomic properties, substitutable for chemical fertilisers. Underdeveloped in France – 600 biogas plants only, compared with 9,000 in Germany – the anaerobic digestion sector is one of the French government’s priorities
« We are proud to support Evergaz’s ambition to become a European leader in biogas and to co-invest with them in high-impact projects contributing to the ecological transition. Biogas is a game changing sector bridging rural and urban communities, through  the virtues of the circular economy, consistant with EU objectives and Meridiam’s mission » . Julien Touati, Meridiam’s Partner and Development Director.
For further details: Check Evergaz’s website  http://www.evergaz.com/

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