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10 déc. 2017

Launch of the First commercial freight train on the CNM (Nîmes-Montpellier Bypass)

The first commercial freight train carrying goods from the Spanish border towards Luxembourg runs on the new Contournement de Nîmes et de Montpellier (CNM), in the south of France.

The launch of the operation was on time and followed acceptance from SNCF Réseau, the French national rail Infrastructure Manager and grantor of the 25 year PPP contract, as well as the delivery to OcVia, the project company of the CNM, of the two safety certificates – one for the Infrastructure and one for the Operation and Maintenance – by the French National Safety Authority, EPSF, in the previous months. In an environment that is very sensitive to hydraulic constraints, OcVia managed to deliver within a very challenging schedule, France's first mixed freight and High Speed line of over 80 km including junctions to the existing network. These 5 years of design and construction were also used to secure and implement sustainable management of 1800 ha for compensation for the 126 fauna and flora protected species along the CNM corridor. Meridiam is a majority shareholder of OcVia, with a 53% share.

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