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Hydrostor, Canada

Hydrostor Inc. is a leader in Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage (ACAES), a solution that provides long duration bulk energy storage that is synchronous and emission-free.

University of Iowa utility management concession

Meridiam and ENGIE have been awarded a 50-year Utility Management Concession with the University of Iowa toward a zero-carbon transition.

NEoT Offgrid Africa Solar System, Nigeria

A platform investing in distributed renewable energy projects in Africa. It will provide clean energy to 12,000 shop owners in Kano in Nigeria.

Green Hydrogen Storage Unit (CEOG), French Guiana

CEOG (Centrale Electrique de l’Ouest Guyanais), currently the greatest project worldwide of a power generating plant storing intermittent renewable energy using hydrogen.

German Biogas Assets Platform (Evergaz)

Biogas Assets Platform. Meridiam has direct participations in 3 biogas assets located in Germany.

MEGA-E (Metropolitan Greater Areas Electrified)

An Allego initiative with the aim to deploy up to 322 ultra-fast charging stations for electric vehicles by 2021 in Western Europe.
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