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May 24, 2018

The exhibition “A l’échelle de la ville” at the French Ministry of Culture pays a tribute to the L2 artistic projects, supported by Meridiam.

The exhibition shows the importance of culture and art as factors of social connection in land development projects

The exhibition "À l'échelle de la ville ! Arts et aménagements des territoires " takes place from 17 April to 10 June 2018 on the windows of the Ministry of Culture and on the columns of the Palais-Royal in Paris. It pays a tribute to “Les Murs de la L2”, an artistic project in relation to the L2 project in Marseille. L2 is a long-awaited 9.5km connection between two existing urban highways North and South of Marseille, acting as a bypass of the city centre .
The works exhibited in the centre of Paris demonstrate the relevance of local cultural policies. It is a way to place art at the heart of the fight against social and territorial relegation and to offer all audiences the various urban projects that have called for artistic creation in their requalification operations. This event is an opportunity to highlight the aesthetics that flourishes in the public space such as urban art, hip-hop or fashion, showcasing a selection of contemporary artists such as Difuz and Gamo, YZ, L'Atlas, Lek and Sowat or Myriam Maxo.
Discover the cultural programming and practical information on the government’s website 
For further details, you can watch the Video presentation of the projet Les murs de la L2

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