Partners and investors

Partners and investors


Meridiam’s long-term investment philosophy matches the expectations of investors who seek:
stable, sustainable yields as opposed to short-term capital gains,
tangible assets with some element of inflation protection rather than purely financial or speculative assets. 

Meridiam’s investors are for the most part public development banks and institutional investors responsible for managing pension savings or insurance assets.

     Retirement savings to promote inter-generational solidarity

Public infrastructure investment is not only necessary to drive growth and provide social benefits, it can also represent a suitable investment for retirement savings. The benefits of these investments will serve future generations, sustaining a virtuous circle. Infrastructure projects create jobs and deliver benefits to current generations who pay for them through user fees, as well as to future generations, who will have the benefit of this legacy and in turn finance the construction of future infrastructure.


University of Hertfordshire
Meridiam closes Europe’s first unwrapped project bond financing


  • Construction, renovation and maintenance of 3,000 student housing units, social spaces and other facilities on the University of Hertfordshire campus
  • A “zero carbon emissions” university campus
  • Meridiam is the majority shareholder with 55% ownership of the Uliving company that is in charge of designing, financing, building and operating the project, valued at c. €250 million.
  • Project finance is in the form of inflation-linked bonds with a 41-year maturity, rated A- by Standard & Poor's.
  • Meridiam arranged Europe’s first new-generation project bond issue (i.e. “unwrapped” or without any credit enhancement), following the pioneering infrastructure bond issues in North America.

Industrial partners

Long-term partnerships

Meridiam has forged robust, lasting partnerships with leading engineering and construction companies in its markets. These partnerships reinforce technical capabilities across the project's life cycle, from planning and development to implementation and operation.

Bringing together expert capabilities

Meridiam’s team of highly experienced managers – with diverse professional backgrounds in Europe and North America – brings broad-based knowledge of key industrial sectors and players in addition to market-leading know-how in infrastructure engineering and concessions. 

Tours-Bordeaux high-speed railway link (France)
Europe’s largest recent infrastructure project, with the creation of 7,000 direct jobs
  • 302 km of rail, 420 structures, 40 km of connections with existing track,113 towns and cities, 6 departments and 3 regions traversed
  • A major step forward for the regional economy: by summer 2017, Bordeaux will be only 2 h 05 from Paris (versus 3 h 00 today)
  • A work-training charter signed with all relevant stakeholders (national government, departmental and regional governments, and national employment authorities) calls for 10% of the man-hours involved in the project to be reserved for vocational reintegration through on-the-job training 
  • Meridiam has a 22% equity stake in the concessionaire entity Lisea, for a total investment of nearly €8 billion.

Teaming up with local SMEs 

Meridiam has made a priority of involving local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in every step of the process, from forming bid consortiums to long-term roles in operations. This approach is common to all of our projects. It begins at the earliest possible stage and is an integral part of our corporate, social and environmental responsibility.
University of Montreal Hospital Research Center
This world-class clinical research facility makes maximum use of capabilities available locally


  • An investment of C$586 million to gather 800 researchers and students in a single facility featuring outstanding environmental performance
  • Priority is given to Quebec contractors and vendors in order to revitalize the local economy: most service providers, contractors and vendors, as well as 20% of the construction equipment, come from the region
  • Labor unions are cooperating closely with the project by handling personnel hiring and attending monthly meetings with the site superintendent.