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Investing for the community

Our approach is centered on 6 values

We act for the next generation and make decisions today that are sustainable and relevant in the long term.
We respect the environment and strive to limit and contain risks that could have an undesirable impact on our environment.
We are local and believe in frequent and constructive dialogue with public and private actors and local citizens. 
We keep our word and commit to managing costs and delays in projects.
We go beyond by being active members and shapers of the global community.
We love what we do and we love sharing our experience, vision and ambition with the rest of the world.

Keep our word

We commit to managing costs and project deadlines, ensuring a viable return on investment for the institutions who have confided their financial resources to us, and actively managing the assets we own to ensure they have a positive impact on the communities which they serve.

Go beyond

We believe that we have a duty to go beyond simply investing our resources by being active members and shapers of the global community. Partnerships and alliances are at the heart of our vision for a better world tomorrow. Whether through continued engagement with world-class academic institutions, membership of think-tanks or supporting organisations which work on entrepreneurship and youth engagement – we always stand ready to contribute our time, energy and resources.

Forging close links with world-class universities

We have partnered with many universities around the world, including Harvard, where we have a seat on the International Council of the Belfer Center of the John F. Kennedy School of Government, and l’École des Ponts ParisTech.

Conducting pioneering research on infrastructure investment

We have launched the research chair on equity investment in infrastructure with EDHEC Risk Institute and enabled the creation of EDHEC Infra. Since 2013, its aim has been to create a benchmark performance index in the sector and to help establish new prudential rules in the financial sector, now supported through the Long-Term Infrastructure Investors Association (LTIIA). Meridiam has been supporting since 2016, a research program at the Toulouse School of Economy focusing on long-term investment and sustainability.

Being useful to society

Since 2008, we have supported the activities of the Entrepreneurs de la Cité foundation, which works to combat marginalisation through the microfinancing of entrepreneurship. Since 2012, we have worked alongside the charity ADOS to help to develop the career prospects of young people from a working-class area in Paris.
Our collective commitment was upgraded in 2015 with the creation of Archery, our company endowment fund. Archery supports young talents and innovators of our metropolitan areas. Hence one of the first projects Archery supported was "Place", alongside the City of Paris. “Place” aims at accelerating social and economic integration of refugees through the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills. The fund has also been working with Empow’Her, Bond’Innov, Ashoka and other civil society initiatives with the same objective : to identify and empower rising inclusive leaders.

Sharing our vision

We love what we do and we love sharing our experience, vision and ambition with the rest of the world. Open and inclusive leadership, collaboration and partnership are crucial to achieving the truly long-lasting impact that we waim for. Our teams and our resources are always available to help government partners to achieve their strategic objectives and institutional partners to achieve their mandates.

Supporting governments’ strategic reflection

We are partners of international institutions: we participate in the long-term investment project of the OECD, for which we provide strategic reflection on a subject which we are passionate about and we are also members of the United Nations’ Economic Commission for Europe’s taskforce on PPPs. We also work in partnership with governments and administrations, including the British Treasury, with whom we signed a co-operation agreement in 2011. We are an active member of the Energy Business Council of the International Energy Agency. In 2017, in close partnership with the Directorate General of the French Treasury and Europlace, we actively contributed to the launch of InfraWeek, a week focused on infrastructure in Paris.

Building a strong institutional base in Europe and the United States

Operating in Europe and North America since 2010, our institutional base is solid on both sides of the Atlantic. For example, in Europe, we have contributed to a working group on the financing of European electricity interconnection infrastructure and to the development of the prudential framework (Solvency II) which applies to infrastructure investments.

We also support the German Marshall Fund (GMF) and the Atlantic Council, through its work as part of the fight against climate change, along with the Bretton Woods Committee.

Working with partners from across the globe

We have also developed strategic partnerships outside of Europe and America, for example with the Global Leadership Foundation, which promotes best practices in governance to political leaders across the globe. We are members of the 100 Resilient Cities program – pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation, We joined their group of platform partners aiming at offering best-in-class resilience building-tools to member cities.